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Action-based nutrition coaching created to help you lose fat, build muscle, and gain confidence.

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Many people get stuck in that infamous yo-yo-cycle because the diet/approach did not provide them with a clear Strategy. There was also no System in place to execute that strategy. And lastly, because the methods weren’t Sustainable it only led to short term success.

You deserve better. You deserve the pleasure of looking in the mirror and feeling confident. You deserve an honest, no-BS approach that shows you exactly how to get there.

And that’s where we come in.

Our action-based coaching system provides you the strategy and systems needed to sustainably achieve your health and fitness goals.

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You are your own unique individual, with your own specific goals, needs, and lifestyle. This all requires an approach that’s based on what’s best for YOU. We go beyond calories and macros, and include every aspect of your life to come up with a long term plan that serves you in the long run.


Your coach will be right there by your side the whole way through. We’ll guide you and hold you accountable for taking action towards your goals. But you’re always the one behind the wheel. That’s what ‘action-based’ coaching is. It’s how we guarantee that you acquire the skill set needed to continue creating results on your own in the future.


We use a combination of science and our in-the-trenches experience with many others like yourself to educate you on every step we take together. Meaning you’ll gain a fundamental understanding of nutrition.

Don’t just take our word for it,



Here’s what our clients say about us!

Meet Your Coach

Johan Vesters


“The reason I’m so passionate about helping others create results and get healthy comes from my personal experience and past struggles. I used to be overweight (110+ kg), unhealthy, and have zero confidence. Although I tried really hard, I did the wrong things. Yes, I also tried the restrictive diets and gut-wrenching juice fasts, took useless supplements, watched the wrong documentaries, and also thought that cardio was the solution for fat loss.

A decade later, I started my own nutrition coaching company called ‘Vesters Nutrition’ which ultimately became ‘Odyssey Coaching Systems’. It is my mission to serve and help people like you by providing a sustainable, long term solution to your health and fitness goals. No more guessing, no more spinning your wheels. Just REAL results that last, without the bullshit.

‘Odyssey’ stands for a journey along which you gain knowledge, understanding, and experience. You overcome challenges and obstacles. It’s the ultimate metaphor for your health and fitness journey.

We’re here to join you on that journey and help you get an understanding of how things work for YOU, overcome the inevitable obstacles we all run into, and gain the experience and knowledge required to sustain your results.

I’m glad you found OCS, and I can’t wait to be on your team!”

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