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Download my e-book The Definitive Fat Loss Nutrition Guide by clicking here, or the image.

This guide is a bit of a lengthy one, and it basically includes everything you need to know about nutrition. That being said, I suggest using it as a reference guide to use when you want to look something up rather than feeling like you need to read the whole thing front to back and feeling overwhelmed by the information overload.

Check it out, lemme know what you think, and as always make sure to ask questions! 🙂


Part 1: ‘The Principles Of Nutrition’ Part 1/4: Energy Balance & Macros


‘The Principles Of Nutrition’ Part 2/4: Micronutrients, Nutrient Timing & Supplements


‘The Principles Of Nutrition’ Part 3/4: The Metabolism & Periodization


‘The Principles Of Nutrition’ Part 4/4: Flexible Dieting & Building Meals

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